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DFC Automation Ltd has been selling Centurion Gate Automation equipment since 2006 to gate installers across the UK.

John Thompson, Managing Director of DFC Automation, has been working in the Gate Automation trade for over 35 years and has built up a vast knowledge of the Centurion product range, as well as it’s compatibility with ranges from other product manufacturers in the marketplace.

With his wife Lynne, and a small hand-picked team of electricians and engineers (all of whom have worked at DFC for at least five years), have learned and perfected the most efficient and effective ways to install the Centurion kit, and in this time, have encountered and tackled but all issues relating to gate repair and maintenance. DFC are in a position to offer advice on installation, maintenance and repair during office hours (feel free to contact us if you need assistance).

Owners Lynne and John Thompson

Lynne works in the office and is available to take your calls and respond to emails for sales advice and next day delivery of Centurion products by reliable courier partners.

Always happy to offer technical help & support, having the extended backup of Centurion's official Technical Help Line, direct with the factory in Johannesburg (which you can also reach by calling +27 11 699 2481), DFC can offer customers advice if there is something you are struggling with and also provide you with official manufacturer install guides, manuals and brochures for most of the Centurion range in the Products section of the website (you can find those links under each individual product’s description).

DFC Automation are proud to offer this prestigious brand.

From its inception in 1985 the Centurion name has grown dramatically to become the market leader in South Africa and with the company’s recent amalgamating with FAAC, another brand leader, we can only see product sales & development growing from strength to strength.

Property access controlled by motorised bollards
Centurion Warehouse
D2 Turbo Centurion Motor installation

The DFC Story

DFC started reselling Centurion products from a small porta-cabin office in the back garden...

John Thompson first became aware of the Centurion brand at one of the IFSEC exhibitions in the early 90’s. Impressed with the product, he searched for suppliers in the UK and decided to try one of the sliding motors in the range on a friend’s home installation, and so the first D5 motor was installed – and is still installed on the same site working today.

With the motor proving to be reliable he looked to buy more of the range and to increase using it on sites around the North East via a supplier recommended at the time. When the Centurion supplier stopped importing, John approached Centurion directly with a view to becoming an approved supplier in the UK. He met with Richard Rohman, Centurion’s Marketing & Sales Director around the dining room table, at his home near Newcastle upon Tyne. It was after (or during) this meeting, that DFC Automation Ltd was born.

Lynne Thompson, Managing Director of DFC Automation Ltd
John Thompson, Founder of DFC Automation Ltd

DFC started reselling Centurion products from a small porta-cabin office in the back garden, with limited stock being kept in a secure container nearby. This was not much fun in the winter months dashing across a cold yard to grab parts and components to package up before dispatch by courier.

Humble Beginnings: Our first 'back garden' office

One of the milestones in DFC’s earlier days was the company’s launch at the 2010 IFSEC exhibition, held at Coventry. Staff from Johannesburg, flew in all the way from Johannesburg to help with marketing for the week and contacts were made for both DFC Automation’s UK business and overseas clients for Centurion too. Exhibitions were once again on the cards with Fencex at Stonelea in 2014; with a view to developing and increasing the UK customer-base, with a free case of wine (South African of course) in the prize draw, which proved very popular on the day!

The business continued to grow steadily as John worked on another business in the construction trade concurrently, providing further experience and also allowing DFC to diversify and expand their services. In the summer of 2010 the business moved into a larger unit on Brunswick Industrial Estate. While the additional office space was welcome, the main problem was still, that storage was located off-site, away from the office. So when the chance presented itself, a further move was inevitable.

The DFC Team with Centurion Representatives
Moving Up: Our second office, located in an Industrial Estate

In August of 2015 DFC moved into its own designated unit on Nelson Park Industrial Estate, in Cramlington. Providing an even better office environment but crucially, was also perfect for stock and storage! The premises also boasts a dedicated Centurion Demonstration Area alongside the storage and office facility all in one location, making sales co-ordination and life in general, much, much easier.

Our current premises

Our unit in Cramlington is where DFC Automation Ltd operates from to this day and we welcome you to call in or drop by if you would like to take a look around or at our demo hardware. Dont be shy!

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